• Level 1 Price: $0.00004
  • Price Change: 500%
  • Listing price: $0.0002
  • Level 1 Price: $0.00004
  • Price Change: 500%
  • Listing price: $0.0002
  • Level 1 Price: $0.00004
  • Price Change: 500%
  • Listing price: $0.0002
  • Level 1 Price: $0.00004
  • Price Change: 500%
  • Listing price: $0.0002
  • Level 1 Price: $0.00004
  • Price Change: 500%
  • Listing price: $0.0002
  • Level 1 Price: $0.00004
  • Price Change: 500%
  • Listing price: $0.0002
  • Level 1 Price: $0.00004
  • Price Change: 500%
  • Listing price: $0.0002
  • Level 1 Price: $0.00004
  • Price Change: 500%
  • Listing price: $0.0002

Presale is Live!

Buy $MTAUR Now, Before the Price Goes Up by 50%!

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Target: $6,440,000
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Conquer the Bull-Run: Triumph Over
the Maze or Face Defeat!

Explore 'Minotaurus', a crypto project in presale, where fun and incentives await early participants. Navigate through the maze while collecting in-game currency and fighting crypto creatures along the way. Join now for priority access to upcoming features, referral and vesting bonuses, and other perks.

What’s Inside the Maze?

Get ready for an epic journey in 'Minotaurus,' a blockchain-powered maze where every step and turn leads to adventure! Here's what awaits you:

  • Collect precious in-game currency as you navigate through the maze
  • Battle whimsical creatures and dodge obstacles along the way
  • Customize your avatar, unlock special zones, and boost your abilities with collected currency
  • Complete levels, score new achievements, and challenge your friends to show off
  • Enjoy simple controls and an intuitive interface that seamlessly work on mobile platforms

Why Join Minotaurus?

Promising Niche:

Ever-Evolving Gaming

Hybrid Casual:

Genre Favored by Players Worldwide

Affordable Starting Price:

Low Entry Point for Promising Upsides

Multi-Layered Incentives:

Dual-Focused Referral Program & Vesting Bonuses

Balanced Tokenomics:

Thoughtful Cliff and Vesting Mechanisms

Expansive Token Utility:

Buy In-Game Items, Customize Character,
and Access Special Zones

Strong In-Game Monetization:

In-Game Purchases of Boosters,
Virtual Items, and Special Access Passes

Omnichannel Marketing:

Building a Thriving

Verified Safety:

Audited by SolidProof and Coinsult, leading blockchain security firms

Rock-Solid Tech:

Ensuring Smooth

AI-Driven Tools:

Boosting Internal Operations

Experienced Team:

Involvement in Popular Crypto Projects and Top Teams

Clear Quest Map: Navigating the Maze:

Detailed Plan, Rapid Implementation

Accessibility on the Go:

Play Anytime, Anywhere on Mobile

Presale Maze Levels

Level 1

Token Amount: 6,000,000,000
Price (USDT): 0,00004
Discount (%): 80
Target (USDT), Min: 240,000

Level 2

Token Amount: 7,000,000,000
Price (USDT): 0,00006
Discount (%): 70
Target (USDT), Min: 420,000
Coming soon

Level 3

Token Amount: 8,000,000,000
Price (USDT): 0,00008
Discount (%): 60
Target (USDT), Min: 640,000
Coming soon

Level 4

Token Amount: 9,000,000,000
Price (USDT): 0,00010
Discount (%): 50
Target (USDT), Min: 900,000
Coming soon

Level 5

Token Amount: 12,000,000,000
Price (USDT): 0,00012
Discount (%): 40
Target (USDT), Min: 1,440,000
Coming soon

Level 6

Token Amount: 8,000,000,000
Price (USDT): 0,00014
Discount (%): 30
Target (USDT), Min: 1,120,000
Coming soon

Level 7

Token Amount: 6,000,000,000
Price (USDT): 0,00016
Discount (%): 20
Target (USDT), Min: 960,000
Coming soon

Level 8

Token Amount: 4,000,000,000
Price (USDT): 0,00018
Discount (%): 10
Target (USDT), Min: 720,000
Coming soon

Bring Friends - Get up to a 10%
Referral Bonus for Both!

Start getting bonuses in 3 simple steps:

1. Connect Your Wallet
2. Copy Your Referral Link
3. Share Your Referral Link

When your friend makes their first purchase of $MTAUR through your referral link, both of you will receive a bonus in USDT. The bonus percentage varies based on the purchase value.

Extend Vesting, Score up to 10% Bonus $MTAUR

When buying $MTAUR, you have the option to extend the base 8-month vesting period by up to 6 months and get up to 10% of the purchase amount in bonus $MTAUR tokens.


Here's how it works:

1. During the Purchase, Select Your Vesting Period
2. Get an Up to 10% Bonus Based on the Chosen Period

* Vesting bonuses will be distributed after the TGE.

Token Utility

Token Utility 1

Characters (Minotaurs):

Different minotaurs with unique abilities and characteristics impacting gameplay

Token Utility 2

In-Game Marketplace:

Purchase various in-game items using tokens

Token Utility 3

Shop Packs:

Various bundles containing a selection of minotaurs, boosters, and other items

Token Utility 4

Inventory Items:

Equip items to change a minotaur's abilities and stats

Token Utility 5


Single-use boosters for temporary effects like speed or shields

Token Utility 6

Avatar Customization:

Modify the appearance of minotaurs with accessories

Token Utility 7

Special Zones Unlock:

Access exclusive areas within the game

Token Utility 8

Special Events:

Participate in limited-time events for unique bonuses

Token Utility 9

Friend Incentives:

In-game bonuses for bringing friends to the game

Token Utility El


Token Info
100 000 000 000
$5 600 000
Total Token Supply:
Presale 60%
Marketing 10%
Liquidity 10%
Incentives, Bonuses & Airdrops 10%
Development & Ecosystem 8%
Team 2%

Roadmap: Navigating the Maze


Phase 1: Forging the Minotaur's Realm

  • Market Research
  • Project Concept Development
  • Team Formation
  • Minonomics Calculation
  • Website Release
  • Minopaper Release
  • Social Media Launch
  • Smart Contract Deployment
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Legal Procedures

Phase 2: Venturing into the Labyrinth

  • Token Presale Launch
  • Community Building
  • Establishing Collaborations and Partnerships
  • Crypto Trackers Listing
  • Advertising Campaign Launch
  • Referral Program Launch
  • Vesting Bonuses Program Launch
  • Hosting Community Events

Phase 3: Unleashing the Minotaur's Fury

  • Presale Completion
  • Token Generation Event (TGE)
  • DEX Listing
  • Advertising Campaign Expansion

Phase 4: Conquering the Maze

  • MVP Development
  • Core & Meta Gameplay
  • Google Play & App Store Release
  • Alpha Version of the Game
  • Beta Version of the Game
  • Advertising Campaign Expansion

Meet the Minotaurians

CEO: Crypto Minotaur

Crypto Minotaur leads the Minotaurus team with vision and inspiration. With over a decade in crypto, he excels in leadership, spotting trends, and staying ahead.
Crypto Minotaur is a seasoned leader who excels in steering projects towards success. His skill set extends to strategic planning, risk management, and decision-making. In ever-changing market conditions, he knows how to adjust the plan to keep the project on track.
Crypto Minotaur is really good at communication, whether it's the team or partners, explaining tricky stuff in a way that everyone gets it. He has many established contacts in the crypto circles, which helps him make connections and stay updated on new expansion opportunities. His expertise shines in other popular crypto projects that thrive thanks to his smart decisions and foresight. Crypto Minotaur is great at launching projects with global following and coming up with innovative solutions.

CTO: Blockchain Bull

Blockchain Bull keeps Minotaurus' tech top-notch. He has vast experience in blockchain development, launching many tier-1 projects of different levels and scales.
Blockchain Bull does more than just start projects technically. He's the one who keeps everything running smoothly. Leading a team of developers and designers, he ensures everyone works together to make Minotaurus' tech better all the time.
With expertise in blockchain protocols and programming languages, Blockchain Bull delivers robust solutions tailored to Minotaurus' needs. He's always watching out for new tech to keep Minotaurus competitive.
Previously, Blockchain Bull launched projects capable of handling high loads and scaling smoothly. He's built platforms that stayed fast even under heavy user traffic.

CMO: Crypto Quest Boss

Crypto Quest Boss sparks excitement for Minotaurus with marketing magic. His strategic, data-driven approach led to notable presales with thousands of holders and rapid token sale.
Crypto Quest Boss shapes Minotaurus'  brand and drives community engagement. With a keen eye for market trends and consumer behavior, he crafts compelling campaigns that resonate with the audience.
Also, he knows how to look at data and numbers to boost marketing efforts. From a variety of promotional channels, Crypto Quest Boss picks the best ones for a big impact.
Crypto Quest Boss led outstanding presale campaigns with conversion rates well above industry averages. His efforts have cultivated thriving communities around projects, boosting their visibility and awareness.

HR: Talent Taurus

Talent Taurus builds Minotaurus' unstoppable team, finding the best people globally and promoting the winning spirit.
Talent Taurus is the person who finds great people for Minotaurus' team from all over the world. He excels in spotting talents who fit well with the project's values and culture.
He handles the entire hiring process, from searching for the best candidates and screening them to interviewing and welcoming them on board. Besides hiring, Talent Taurus also works on making Minotaurus a great place to work. He comes up with ideas to boost team spirit, helps with training, and makes sure everyone feels happy and supported.
Before coming here, Talent Taurus helped other companies build strong teams. His talent for putting together talented and motivated groups has made him a valuable asset to many projects.

CM Lead: Labyrinth Captain

Labyrinth Captain, hailing from top-tier projects, manages Minotaurus’ community, ensuring everyone is heard and building meaningful connections.
Labyrinth Captain looks after Minotaurus' community, making sure everyone feels included and connected. He moderates discussions, helps with any issues, and keeps things positive.
To understand what the community thinks and wants, Labyrinth Captain talks to them regularly. He is going to set up events like contests and AMA sessions to keep everyone involved.
With experience managing communities of up to 100,000 members for other big projects, Labyrinth Captain knows how to create lively environments. His skills help Minotaurus connect with its audience and build a strong community.